Transforming the future of nutrition

Alternative fats:
a hero for the future of nutrition

Improving the food people already eat (thereby maintaining their current habits).

Providing fats that make food delicious and leave consumers feeling satisfied.

Offering healthy fats for ingredients-based food.

Delivering flavor and nutrition in a sustainable way.

Creating ingredients for the mainstream food industry.

Enabling fat solutions that are affordable and accessible to all.

We transform
scientific expertise
into consumer-friendly
solutions for the
food industry


We leverage in-depth scientific knowledge from a wide range of fields and new, game-changing technologies such as advanced emulsions, microencapsulations and cell culture for the creation of necessary, high-quality alternative fat solutions.

Now is the time for science to make the leap into food.

Now is the time for innovation in nutrition.

A growing global population, climate change, rising health challenges – all these factors mean science has to contribute to developing tasty, sustainable and healthy food.

The food industry is facing the need for substantial innovation in how it works. Significant changes are coming within the sector and, thanks to its expertise and vision, CUBIQ FOODS is ready and able to participate in this transformation. To improve efficiency, to develop intelligent ingredients and to overcome the collective dependence on scarce foods and unsustainable production methods, food needs science.

We improve food
from the inside
with a full range of
alternative fat

We improve food
from the inside
with a full range of
alternative fat


We offer a range of alternative fat solution platforms – each has their own technology, characteristics, benefits and applications.

Let’s change food from the inside!

is a fat replacer

is a microencapsulated
Omega-3 algae oil

is a cultivated
animal fat

We specialize
in alternative fats
for improving


We are CUBIQ FOODS, we are transforming the future of nutrition. We are a food tech company that creates expert solutions in response to urgent global needs: more sustainability, better health, and quality food for all with natural ingredients.

We are CUBIQ FOODS, we specialize in developing a full range of alternative fat solutions. Our mission is to use our extensive scientific knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to serve the whole food industry, from the biggest household names to independent start-ups, by providing a complete range of tasty, sustainable and nutritious fat alternatives for multiple food categories: meat, plant-based, dairy, bakery, etc.

We are CUBIQ FOODS, a young, international business that works individually with every client, whatever their size and wherever they are, to meet their needs and those of their customers to have a real impact on people’s lives. We welcome the chance to partner with these producers to deliver delicious, healthy, affordable and widely available foods that are at the forefront of the nutrition (r)evolution.