As an innovative food-tech partner, CUBIQ FOODS’ Go!Drop® and Go!Mega3® lead the way in sustainable, tasty and clean nutritional profiles for industrial food producers worldwide.

Are you driving the development of a new generation of healthy and full-flavored processed foods?

Go!Drop® is an emulsion of vegetable oil and water. This healthy fat lowers the overall caloric content by reducing the saturated fats and total fat content. Using this ingredient can significantly improve the Nutri-Score of your processed foods.

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How long have you been looking for a solution to incorporate Omega-3 into your products without altering their flavor?

Go!Mega3® without compromising the original taste or smell of your product, our micro-encapsulated Omega-3 enriched algae oil will ensure the minimum dose of DHA+EPA (250 mg. is recommended by medical community for cardiovascular and nervous system health benefits). Allows the product to be labeled with current EFSA approved health claims in Europe.

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Cubiq cell-based Omega-3

Are you looking for a sustainable source of Omega-3, as a high-quality alternative to fish or algae oil, that also ensures long-term price stability?

CUBIQ FOODS is developing the first cell-culture platform to produce high-quality Omega-3’s in a sustainable, scalable way (available from 2022 in Europe as a Novel Food or Nutraceutical).

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The Company

CUBIQ FOODS develops and produces fats that adapt to the needs of industrial customers who want to produce healthy foods.

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