What is it? Go!Mega3® are microcapsules about 30-50 microns in size containing algae oil high in Omega-3. These microcapsules protect the oil from oxidation and degradation. They readily incorporate concentrated Omega-3’s into your food products.

Why is Omega-3 needed in food? Natural sources of Omega-3 are running low. In today’s food chain, we mainly see Omega-3 in cans of sardines and anchovies. The consumption of oil with Omega-3 pills, in the form of nutraceuticals, has been growing at almost 14% per year in the last 5 years. By 2023 60,000 tn in volume is predicted, representing a market of more than 23 billion Euros.

At CUBIQ FOODS we are committed to developing new options to eat Omega-3’s, by enriching different food products. For families, this can improve infant and young eating patterns, by providing the fatty acids essential for nervous system development, and in maintaining eye and cardiovascular health. We also comply health claims for EPA and DHA have been approved by EFSA (Commission Regulation (EU) 1924/2006 and 432/2012)

What are the benefits of Go!Mega3®? Microencapsulation of algae Omega-3 rich oil protects the oil during product development and allows for easy absorption when consumed. Crucially, it also eliminates any extra taste of Omega-3 and does not interfere with the organoleptic properties of the original product.

A ratio of 2% by weight (2 grams of microcapsule per 100 gr of product) guarantees the minimum daily recommended dose of 250 mg. of DHA. This amount of Omega-3, (which is five-fold more than usually provided by Omega-3 milk) allows the product to be labeled with current EFSA approved health claims in Europe (and similar via the FDA in the US).