Food Solutions
with Go!Drop®
Fat Replacer

Go!Drop® brings flavor, palatability, and juiciness, reducing the total fat content up to 50% and the saturated fats by 90%.

Replace up to 100% of the oil or fat of your final product and get a healthier and more nutritious formula with Go!Drop®.

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Go!Drop® can be used in Vegan meat-mimic products (vegan burger, minced meat, sausages, nuggets…), non-dairy products (vegan cheese, spreadable and dipping creams…), ready-to-eat vegan dishes (pies, stuffed dishes, croquettes…).

Go!Drop® can also be fine-tuned adding vegan aromas, food coloring, preservatives or vitamins, accordingly to your needs. We help you develop the final formulation of tastier and clean label products!

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