Cubiq’s ‘smart fat’ takes on coconut oil: ‘This is what plant-based companies are looking for’


Spanish food tech start-up Cubiq Foods has developed a vegan ‘smart fat’ that, it claims, behaves like animal fat within product formulations. Addressing some of the functional constraints of coconut oil, CEO and co-founder Andrés Montefeltro tells FoodNavigator the company wants to position itself as ‘the best fat replacer for coconut oil in plant-based products’.


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Startup CUBIQ FOODS Receives 5M EUR From Blue Horizon Ventures For Cultivated Fats


Blue Horizon Ventures joins MOIRA CAPITAL PARTNERS on an investment project for Spanish startup CUBIQ FOODS‘s product; clean fats created with cell culture. CUBIQ was founded in Barcelona by  Dr. Raquel Revilla and Andrés Montefeltro in response to an increasing industry demand for health and wellness ingredients.


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Blue Horizon Ventures invierte 5 millones de euros en Cubiq Foods, participada por Moira Capital Partners


El fondo europeo de capital riesgo, Blue Horizon Ventures (BHV), un destacado inversor global en Food Tech, se une a Moira Capital Partners SGEIC, con una aportación de 5 millones de euros en CUBIQ FOODS, los innovadores productores españoles en grasas alimentarias saludables.

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Moira Capital invierte en el cultivo de grasas saludables


Moira Capital Partners vuelve a dar prueba de la vocación de apuesta por la innovación con la que irrumpió en el mercado el año pasado. La gestora de private equity acaba de cerrar una nueva inversión, esta vez en el prometedor sector del cultivo de células para alimentación.


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Revolutionary Startup in Healthy Cell-based fats, CUBIQ FOODS, Secures Investment of EUR 12M by Moira Capital Partners


CUBIQ FOODS is a startup in Barcelona, Spain, founded by the entrepreneurs Dr. Raquel Revillaand Andrés Montefeltro. The company uses cell culture to respond to the growing demand for healthy ingredients in the food sector. It follows a sustainable and scalable process with a low environmental impact that also bypasses any animal welfare concerns.



The finishing touch for cultured meat? Spanish start-up scores in fat replication


Creating cell cultured meat with a fat-like mouthfeel could be much closer than previously thought with Spanish-based start-up Cubiq Foods being the first European producer of cell-based fat for a healthy and sustainable diet. Cubiq will develop and commercialize cell-based fat of animal origin to enhance the flavor of food, to enrich it with essential fatty acids (omega 3) and to help reduce the use of trans fats and palm oil.


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Cubiq Foods to sell commercial cell-based fat by 2022


Why is this significant?

Whilst cell-based fat is being grown as a component of cell-based meat this startup, Cubiq Foods, is focusing on fat as the end product. Their aim to produce product high in omega-3 fatty acids also highlights the customisabilty of cellular agriculture products. Their forecast of USD30 million in commercial sales in 2022 implies their technology is well advanced.


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Cubiq Foods talks cell-cultured fat: New source of EPA and DHA could give fish oil, krill and algae a run for their money


A new source of more affordable long-chain omega-3 fatty acids could give fish oil, krill, and microalgae a run for their money and open up new fortification opportunities for food manufacturers, claims Barcelona-based start-up Cubiq Foods, which has developed a platform to produce EPA and DHA from fat tissue cultured from poultry stem cells.