What is it? Go!Drop® is a healthy emulsion of vegetable oil and water, stabilized with vegan ingredients (plant, algae, or microbial) to replace the fatty component in processed foods.

How do these new fats make a difference? Whether you operate in traditional meat and dairy or are at the forefront of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes, the market trend is for healthier nutritional profiles. Our innovative platforms tune for hardness, texture, and flavor as well as fat content in bespoke applications. Sustainable, healthy ingredients are integral to our solutions; Go!Drop® also reduces the number of ingredients needed, which supports clean labeling too.

Why is Go!Drop® better? This vegetable oil emulsion contains between 40% and 50% water, which reduces the caloric content, (the amount of total fat, and saturated fats) and significantly improves the nutritional profile of the product. Go!Drop® has an adjustable melting point (between 60 and 80 Celsius degrees), as well as behaving like an animal fat in terms of visual appearance, bite, and mouthfeel. These features leave the original product profile unchanged, making it the best replacement for animal fat and coconut oil in new generation foods.